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AthiMahaRathi: Our first short film

The Start:
In every part of our life, we need someone/something to boost us when we are down. It doesn’t have to be money; it just can be a word of motivation, which will push us to move-on with what we wanted to pursue. So, thanks to Mr. Hari Prasad for such motivational words and that helped us to make a short film. I started writing short film scripts from 2013 – but couldn’t go for filming since we had no strong team at that time. But now I got an excellent crew which can do wonders.

The Meaning for the word Athimaharathi:
According to the Hindu mythology the word “Athimaharathi” is the top most level of warrior excellence. They are capable of fighting 8640000 warriors simultaneously. Lord Rama and King Ravana were Athimaharathi’s.

The Crew:
We always need believers and doers when it comes to this field. And here is my list of both:
Sundar – the DOP, Editor and Sound mixing champ of our team.
Vishwa – the associate director and a very passionate photographer.
Kalai Venthan – the Kalipso of our crew, the Team Manager.
Velu – the second Kalipso (special thanks to him).


All our actors are inexperienced and first time performers, except the lead actress.
Hari Kumar was my first choice for the character “Athi” but due to his personal issues he backed and we signed up with Ilavengai for that role – he gave his best like a professional actor.
And Rubeesh (Maha) was the second lead – very shy and very calm – though it was hard for him to perform; he will be the first to come to the shooting spot. At certain time he did performed well.
And at last, the lead actress Subalakshmi (Rathi) – she was the only experienced actress in the entire cast.


The Film & Facts:

  • It took us 3 months to complete this short film and the initial plan was to do it like a web series, but due to budget and other concerns we shortened the script to 15 minutes.
  • The film was shot in “Sony Rx100 IV” (we were the first to use this cam for a short film).
  • The whole film was reshooted and the entire castings were replaced in the second version.
  • The lead actress was the only paid cast and all others were volunteered. All her portions were shot in a day.
  • Rubeesh(Maha) was too shy and couldn’t perform while the actress hugging his hand.
  • On the fight scene, Rubeesh lied on the ground in the afternoon heat for nearly 1-2 hours and never complained anything about it. I liked his dedication and thought of mentioning it here.
  • Nearly 22 peoples worked for this film
  • 70% of the film was shot in Lawspet, Pondicherry and few portions at Veerampattinam beach.

It was a real fun working with my crew. Will update some funny incidents on my next post.

To watch our film AthiMahaRathi click here

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