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Road Scanners to Prevent Accidents


India is generally considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world for its traffic. In 2007, more than 130,000 people died on the roads. Everyone knows the stats, but no one wants to analyze the cause of this accidents. Either its rural or urban, no matter where you are, you will see atleast 10-20 potholes on the road when you travel. This is the biggest cause of road accidents in India. When a driver turns his vehicle to avoid a pothole, clashes with the other vehicle comes from the opposite side. This is happening even now and then. Considering this I had a thought of making a device that will warn the drivers before they hit a pothole.

“Road Scanner”

This Road Scanner will act like an early warning system for vehicles.

It will have a:
LED Monitor – to check the distance between the potholes and the vehicle, using GPS and long-range sensors

A road scanner – fitted in the vehicles bumper to scan the roads

A Signal transmitter – to warn the other vehicles

Long range sensors – to measure the distance between the vehicles

Brake Warning – If a driver applies brake on any emergency situation, the road scanner sends a warning signal to the vehicle-2 which comes next to it (or) it can also activate auto brake to avoid clashing.

Database – All the pothole information’s and their geo-location will be saved in a database. So any PWD officials can access it and know about it. If a pothole is fixed, the next vehicle crosses the spot will update the database with the pothole was fixed.

Early Warning – Since all the data’s were updated on the website, the driver will be notified in 1km close range before the potholes.

Turn Warning – If a driver turns his vehicle to the right (opposite lane), the warning signals will be sent to the vehicles driving on that lane.

Help Button – If they press this button in any case of emergency situations, a voice notification will be sent to the nearest police stations and to the ambulance services.

Track Offense (for police or RTO’s) – Whenever the driver commits an offense, it will be recorded on the device. The officials can generate reports just by entering the vehicle number and find their whereabouts.

If this is implemented in India, we can control accidents and save many lives.

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